Michigan Pond Hockey Classic

February 7–February 9, 2014

Mac's Marina, Whitmore Lake  

7th Annual Michigan Pond Hockey Classic!

There is something very special about playing hockey on the frozen pond. Heading down to the Pond with your skates over your shoulder, you and hockey buddies shoveling off the newly fallen snow, setting up your boots as goal posts, and hearing the imaginary roar of the crowd as you score the first goal! It just doesn’t get any better than this!

The script is perfect…Pond Hockey with a team of close friends in a spectacular setting with lighted rinks, spirited competition, and the atmosphere of a festival!  A unique happening is about to take place. Be there to experience what pond hockey is all about. This is always a nostalgic weekend you will never forget.

Tournament Format

  • Play is 4 on 4 hockey with no goalies. 
  • Rink size is 75 x 150.
  • Each team is guarenteed 4 games.  (2 night games and 2 day games.) 
  • The division championship rounds will begin Sunday. 
  • Championship play will be a single elimination format.

Approx Game Times

  • Friday Night  (7p to 10p)
  • Saturday  (10a to 1p)
  • Saturday Night  (5:30p to 9p)
  • Sunday  (10a to 1p)
  • Championship Sunday (2p to 5p)

For more information and to visit The Michigan Pond Hockey Classic website click here.

Reminder: All players & fans must have valid IDs to show proof of age in order to be served during the events.