2013 Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament

February 9, 2013, 8:30 am–9:30 pm

Erie Basin Marina, Buffalo, NY  

Labatt Blue beer today announced the 96 teams who will take to the ice during the sixth annual Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament on Saturday, February 9, 2013 at Erie Basin Marina. Participating teams by division are as follows:

Division: Over 21: The following 40 teams will be broken into five divisions.
Adirondack Ice Bowl Campion; Labatt Blue Canal Cup Champion; Labatt Blue Glens Falls Champion; The Mighty Drunks; Mammosers; The Sabretooths; Gabels; Consumer Beverages; WNY Ford; Boys of Blue; Charlotte Upperdeckers; Coles; 7 Lokos; Electric Mayhem; The Great Scotsmen; Box o’ 5 holes; Six Pack Attack; Morning Wood; Panic; Fighting Irish; Buffalo 32’s; P22; Niagara Falls Boys in Blue; Fighting Hellfish; Bottom of the Barrel; Pond Hockey League All-Stars; District 5; Team Perkis; Thundercats; Amherst Blue; Mustangs; Potters Field; Golden Retreivers; Hattrick Swayze; Team 57; Pink Beavers; Seabass and the Fellas; The Buffalo Reach Arounds; Whalers; Rid O’Bettman

Division: Over 30: The following 32 teams will be broken into four divisions.Ice Bandits; Lantrax Media All-Stars; Buffalo Old Boys; Labatt 50s; Anklebenders; Grocery Sticks; 776 Huskies; Team Extreme; Jgga; Blazin’ Hips; Red Bulls; Brador; Hamburg’s Fit Hobbits; Pale Ales; Billies; Talty’s; Try-It Distributing; The Law Enforcers; Geckos; Polar Bears; Libation Station; Metzgers Pub; Chiavetta Potatoes; Kettles; Jerry Hattricks; Toolios; Jagr Bombs; Great Lakes Building Systems; Shut the Front Door; Law Enforcers; Trout Deux; The Reggans

Over 40/Women’s: The following 24 teams will be broken into three divisions.Buffalo DPW; Team Ingenious; Rural Metro; 42 Lat 78 Long; Crickett; Forty Ouncers; Fire; Blues; New Old Timers; MMS Danes; Grogs3; Ice Holes; Buffalo Bisons; Red Test icicles; Bisons; Bison Hockey Sticks; Icy Red South; Virtually Unknowns; Buffalo Freeze; Team Fontana; The Die Hard Try Hards; The Sabrettes; Hornets; Performance Solutions

Teams not selected via lottery system will be automatically entered into a tournament waiting list.

Teams will be invoiced a $250 team fee within 24 hours of selection into the 2013 tournament. Team fee is required by 12/20/12. Team entry is not official until payment has been received. Teams will be allowed to make up to two roster additions or changes through January 15th, 2013.

A full tournament schedule of brackets and games will be posted once all teams are selected in the lottery and team deposits have been received. Tournament rules can be found in the Official Tournament Information Package.

Weather Policy: The Tournament Organizers will utilize their best efforts to conduct the Tournament as planned. However, the Tournament Organizers reserve the right to cancel or modify the Tournament in their sole and absolute discretion. Only in the event the Tournament is cancelled in its entirety will participating teams be refunded the entry fee. If the Tournament format is modified from Pond Hockey to Street Hockey as a result of weather or unsafe playing conditions, all participating teams will have a right to either participate in the Tournament as modified, or receive a refund of the entry fee. Teams electing to participate in the Tournament, if modified from Pond Hockey to Street Hockey, will be refunded $150 of the original entry fee. The Tournament Organizers reserve the right to determine the number of teams that will participate in the Tournament if modified from Pond Hockey to Street Hockey. Once the Tournament begins, in any format, the entry fee is nonrefundable.


  • Custom Edge Skate Sharpening
  • Hyatt Regency Buffalo
  • Ingenious, Inc.
  • Sahlen's

Reminder: All players & fans must have valid IDs to show proof of age in order to be served during the events.