Buffalo RiverWorks

About the New Location on Ganson Street:

The new site, located at 333 Ganson Street in Buffalo, is situated on the historic site of the former GLF grain facility. Construction has already begun on two refrigerated ice pads which will house the rinks. Rink One will measure 85x185 sq. ft., with Rink Two measuring 85x170 sq. feet. Each rink can accommodate three pond hockey-sized rectangular ice rinks. Because the rinks are refrigerated, hockey play is a safe bet for temperatures approximately 50 degrees F and below. A patio and concession area for spectators also are expected to be completed by the start of the Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament in February 2014. The site also boasts ample parking for players and fans.

Reminder: All players & fans must have valid IDs to show proof of age in order to be served during the events.