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Binghamton Pond Hockey & Winter Festival

Binghamton, NY

Binghamton Pond Festival


Binghamton Pond Festival

Featuring Mechanically Refrigerated Ice.

This is a new 3 on 3 tournament for ages 21 and up with team sizes of 4-8 players. Our adult tournaments sell out every year and we are one of the very few outdoor hockey events to offer mechanical refrigeration so that players can feel confident that they will play their games regardless of the weather. BPF continues to offer players a classic experience in a unique setting, while family and friends can celebrate the sport of hockey and enjoy different aspects of winter and nature all in one weekend.  


We only take 40 teams each year so please don't wait until the last minute. This is a nonprofit event so remember that proceeds are donated to the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier and their DIFD initiatives for youth mental health awareness and youth suicide prevention.